Client Portal Guide

The QDRO Company provides a personalized client portal (the “Client Portal”). The Client Portal is accessible 24/7 online and provides a secure environment to communicate and share case documentation and billing information. All features within the client portal are intended to save you time and decrease stress, while improving the communication, efficiency, and convenience associated with your case.

For more information and to set up your access to the Client Portal, please contact us at 887-661-7376.

Client Portal Features


Document Sharing

All important documents associated with your case are stored in one secure area and accessible online from anywhere. Avoid faxing, emailing and snail mail by simply uploading your case documents into the client portal, where you and connected staff members will be able to view and access them.


Invoicing & Payments

The client portal allows you to view or download any invoices associated with your case, and also make secure online payments via credit card or eCheck.


Secure Communication

Sensitive and privileged information no longer needs to be sent to an unsecure email address. You can easily send secure messages to your attorney or their staff from within the client portal and all messages will be organized and filed for you.