COVID-19 Notice

Dear Potential Client, Client, and Attorney:

While The QDRO Company, LLC has long operated as a fully remote company, we have put in place additional practices and policies to ensure the continuation of our services during the Covid-19 pandemic. We offer online intake, a secure client portal, video conferencing, telephone conferencing, email, fax, and US mail as methods of communication with our office.

The QDRO/DRO process requires processing documents with the court and with retirement plan administrators. While many of the retirement plan administrators with whom we work have adapted to remote work environments, and courts have moved to electronic filing, there remain delays in service beyond our control. These disruptions and delays will affect the clients we serve and extend the overall QDRO/DRO processing times. However, you can feel confident that, as long as the Plan Administrators are able to provide timely Plan information to us, you have our commitment to continue providing you with our timely turnaround.

Sharee M. Burkel
President & QDRO Consultant