Defined Contribution Plans


One of the challenges of defined contributions plans (e.g., 401k plans) is they often have various components which must be addressed. Missing any of these components could result in your client getting a smaller portion of the assets than to what they are entitled.

Some of these plans have a mix of mutual funds, cash, company contributions, pre-tax and after-tax dollars, and loan payment accounts to name a few. In order to ensure your client is getting the full amount awarded, the language in a QDRO must be written properly.

Many administrators of these accounts require the QDRO to have specific percentages of what must be distributed. In nearly all cases, the amount to be distributed must be allocated on a pro-rata basis across all components of the plan.

We have extensive experience dealing with these benefit plans and we understand the language which is used when setting up the plan. This means we are uniquely positioned to ensure the division of property is done in a manner that is equitable and impacts the entire account versus only part of the account.

If your client is entitled to benefits from a defined contribution plan, contact the QDRO Company, LLC and let us review the plan documents to ensure the various components of the Plan are being considered.