Fantastic company and Sharee personally responds and knows what she is doing. She has been a great asset for our firm and is working to resolve a major order for one of my best clients. Hire her and her company or you’ll lose a lot more than just their superb services.

– Bryce Neier, Attorney North Carolina

I have been in private practice for 27 years and handle many family law matters. I have been utilizing The QDRO Company for 14 years. They have drafted in excess of a 100 QDRO’s for my clients. They have also assisted me in preparing all other types of domestic relations orders. I have relied on their advice in many matters related to the division of pensions or retirement accounts. They have always been prompt in preparing QDRO’s and in responding to calls or emails. They always follow up on any changes that may be required by plan administrators. I highly recommend the QDRO Company, LLC.

– Steve Manko, Attorney

I have utilized the services of Sharee Burkel and The QDRO Company for many DROs. It’s comforting to know that I can always count on Sharee to provide timely, impeccable, and cost-efficient work for my clients. The client portal is helpful and user-friendly. And the option for electronic payment really helps to move the process along. Sharee is always available to explain different options and answer questions. On more than one occasion, I can recall Sharee going above and beyond to help with difficult and unique issues. I never hesitate to recommend Sharee Burkel and the QDRO Company to my colleagues and clients.

– Eric Lore, Attorney

Carrie Cole of the QDRO Company has provided excellent service to my clients in the area of QDRO preparation. Her turnaround is prompt and her level of personalized attention is unparalleled. I have been happy to work with Carrie for years and will continue to use the QDRO Company for my clients’ matters going forward.

– Denise D. Couling, Attorney, Banfield Couling Law & Mediation, PLLC

Sharee Burkel brings a unique and qualified skill set to the table. Her willingness to work with both attorneys and clients to understand the nuances of the particular retirement plan being divided is unsurpassed by anyone else. In addition, I have seen her, on more than one occasion, go the extra mile to work through any issue the pension plan throws at the participant or the alternate payee, especially with additional layers a military pension creates. Her insight, attention to detail, and willingness to work until the QDRO is approved and entered by the Court, has been invaluable to my clients.
– Kristen M. Roy, Financial Advisor

Our firm has worked with Sharee Burkel of The QDRO Company exclusively since 2006. We are pleased with The QDRO Company timeliness, diligence and knowledge in preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and EDROS. We intend to continue utilizing the services of The QDRO Company for years to come. We highly recommend The QDRO Company.
– Sally A. Miller, Partner at Morrice, Lengemann & Miller PC

I have used the QDRO Company many times for preparing my DRO’s pre and post Judgment. Unlike other companies that take months to get an order, the QDRO company has the orders done in weeks. I also like that everything can be done online, including client payments. The format is much more cost effective and straight forward. I also get prompt responses if I have questions regarding the process. I highly recommend the QDRO Company for QDRO’s and consulting on retirement divisions.
– Jennifer L. Lawrence, Attorney