The QDRO Company, LLC


Welcome to The QDRO Company. Our Consultants have over 35 years combined experience in understanding the complex issues of dividing various retirement plans pursuant to divorce. Utilizing both financial and legal professionals, The QDRO Company, LLC provides you with the most comprehensive understanding of retirement benefits.

We are prepared to assist with:

  • Reviewing the employee benefits to determine divisibility pursuant to a divorce;
  • Consulting with the attorneys/parties regarding the divisibility of the retirement plan;
  • Drafting the appropriate division language in the settlement agreement/divorce decree;
  • Drafting the appropriate DRO language; and
  • Reviewing a division order prepared by another firm.

We guarantee to work with you until your order is accepted.


Step 1: The Necessary Documents

  • An executed QDROCO Engagement Agreement;
  • The applicable Part A and Part B forms or the Military Order Request Form;
  • The Judgment of Divorce and applicable settlement/mediation agreement language addressing the division of the plan(s);
  • A copy of a statement for the account to be divided; and
  • An executed Notice of Authorization signed and notarized by the Participant.

We will begin drafting your DRO once all of the Necessary Documents have been received and payment in full has been received by The QDRO Company.

Step 2: Initial Draft Order Preparation

Upon receipt of all Necessary Documents, QDROCO will draft the applicable order.

Turnaround Time: 10 Business Days

Step 3: Initial Draft Order Review

The attorneys/parties review the Initial Draft Order and communicate changes.

If requested or recommended, the Initial Draft Order is forwarded to the Plan Administrator for preliminary review.

Turnaround Time: Varies

Step 4: Finalization of Order

The Order is finalized and forwarded to attorneys/parties for signature and entry with the applicable court.

Turnaround Time: Varies

Step 5: Forward Entered Order to the Plan Administrator

Entered Order is forwarded by the attorneys/parties to the Plan Administrator for qualification.

Step 6: Plan Administrator Reviews the Order

The Plan Administrator reviews and qualifies the Order and sends notice to attorneys/parties of their decision.

Turnaround Time: Varies (typically 10-45 days)

*Federal holidays are excluded. QDROCO Consultants are also unavailable December 24th through January 2nd of any given year.

We do not provide legal, financial or tax advice.