This Intake Form is to be used to initiate all new requests for (Q)DROs
and other like orders (i.e., COAPs and MQCOs).

Before you begin:

  • Have the names, addresses (email and mailing), phone numbers, and dates of birth for the both the Alternate Payee and Participant, and the last 4 numbers of the Participant's Social Security Number. This information is required.  

  • Have a copy of your divorce decree or property settlement agreement to reference when completing the forms.  We require these documents, either uploaded within the form or sent to us separately to  

  • If you have statements for the accounts to be divided, sharing these with us will be helpful but are not mandatory unless you need an equalization calculation.*

Note: The form currently cannot be saved to come back to at a later date.


Once you have submitted the Intake Form, the following will happen:

  1. Both parties (Alternate Payee and Participant) will receive an email indicating that an Intake Form has been submitted on their behalf, including the balance owed and how to make payment.

  2. Both parties will receive an email to our Retention Agreement for review and electronic signature.

  3. For each type of retirement plan being divided, you (the person completing the initial Intake Form) will receive an additional link for each type of retirement plan being divided.


Drafting begins only after all of the following conditions are met:

  • An Intake Form for each retirement plan being divided has been submitted.

  • We have received a copy of the parties' divorce decree.

  • We have received the settlement/mediation agreement addressing the retirement plan division (needed only if the division is not specifically addressed in the divorce decree).

  • We have received a statement for each account/benefit being divided.*  

  • Our Retention Agreement has been signed.

  • We have received payment in full.


It is recommended that documents are uploaded within the form.  However, all documents can be forwarded together in one email to

*Unless an equalization calculation is needed, an account/benefit statement is not mandatory.  If you need an equalization calculation, statements for the division date are required before any work will commence.

The QDRO Company, LLC does not provide individual legal, financial or tax advice.