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  • Have the following for both the Alternate Payee and Participant (this information is required by the Plan Administrator):

    • Mailing address (some Plan Administrators will not accept a PO Box)

    • Email address

    • Telephone number

    • Date of birth

    • Social Security Number (at minimum the last four numbers)   

  • A copy of your divorce decree or property settlement agreement.  These can be uploaded within the form or sent to us separately to or by fax to (734) 627-4185.  

  • Statements for the account(s) being divided.  Providing statements will help correctly identify the name of the retirement plan.  For equalization calculations, statements and account values as of the agreed date of division are required.  

For the division of military benefits, we also require:

  • Military pension specific information, including, but not limited to:

    • Branch of Service information

    • Whether the member is/was active duty, reserve, or retired

    • Enlistment date

    • The Member's High-3 at the time of the divorce.  A High-3 Calculator through DFAS can be found here.  Please provide a printout of any calculation made via this calculator.

    • If Retired, the retirement date

    • A Leave of Earnings Statement (if applicable)

    • Retirement Points statemen, and/or Retiree Account Statement

Once you have submitted the Intake Form, the following will happen:

  1. Both parties (Alternate Payee and Participant) will receive an email indicating that an Intake Form has been submitted on their behalf.

  2. Both parties will receive an email to our Retention Agreement for review and electronic signature.  At minimum, the party initiating the request must sign the Agreement.


Drafting begins only after all of the following conditions are met:

  • We have received a copy of the parties' divorce decree.

  • We have received the settlement/mediation agreement addressing the retirement plan division (needed only if the division is not specifically addressed in the divorce decree).

  • We have received a statement for each account/benefit being divided.*  

  • Our Retention Agreement has been signed.

  • We have received payment in full.


It is recommended that documents are uploaded within the form.  However, all documents can be forwarded together in one email to or by fax to (734) 627-4185

*If you need an equalization calculation, statements for the division date are required before any work will commence.

Utilizing the PDF form may delay the process.

The QDRO Company, LLC does not provide individual legal, financial or tax advice.

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